Friday, March 13, 2009

Catch Up

Josiah is enjoying maths. To combat boredom a few days ago, he decided to work out the surface area of a regular square-based pyramid of height 7.5cm and width across the base 5cm. He does this sort of thing from time to time; he whiled away part of the three hour ferry trip from Wellington to Picton at the start of our summer holiday with calculating the prime factors of 4444.

Our "free choice" days are proving a hit although they are a little chaotic with both kids wanting my attention at the same time, and with other activities interfering because our weeks have been busy. Josiah is spending most of each free choice day working on a science fair project, studying how much prey spiders catch in their webs. Tessa, with her free choice days, has started a blog and learned to crochet, among other things.

Tessa is enjoying working more independently. To begin with she took notes of all her independent work, but she found that tiring and is now taking some notes and meeting with me to discuss the rest, so that I get feedback on her learning.

I am very impressed with Real Science-4-Kids Chemistry II. I wish there was a Real Science-4-Kids Physics II.

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