Monday, August 24, 2009

Hectic Year

It's been a hectic year so far. So much so that important things have been neglected. I have not put the time into our homeschooling that it needs. It was a big job helping Josiah to get organised for his trip to Europe for the Climbing World Youth Champs but obviously worth every minute. Other time-consuming endeavours could have been done differently. Helping our local climbing gym to hold one of the National Cup climbing competitions that Josiah and Tessa love competing in is fun and worthwhile but I took on more than was sensible (homeschooling almost came to a standstill for three weeks around the time of the comp) and I will be careful to play a smaller role next year. Deciding to propose a One Day School for teen and pre-teen homeschoolers a few weeks before Josiah left for Europe was pretty silly, as preparations for Josiah's trip didn't leave me with spare time. Never mind; I found an enthusiastic teacher and eleven kids are attending for the rest of this term. The first day was last week and Tessa absolutely loved it. I think it will be great opportunity for her (and Josiah when he gets back) to be part of a community of learners. And hopefully I have learned the lesson that I really only have time for one project at a time on top of normal life! Normal life is full! In order to be able to re-focus on the kids, I need to be disciplined about taking on only one extra activity at a time and small extra activities only.

I need to have more discipline about the structure of our days too. One of the great strengths of homeschooling is the flexibility it allows to follow the children's interests and timing. But with flexibility comes a need for self discipline; otherwise nothing gets done at all. The kids and I have always preferred to have a schedule but we are (I am) not very good at sticking to it.

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